We are the oldest, well established Company in Russia that sells artificial leather. The company was set up in 1992.

   We are reliable partners you can trust. The company works with few manufacturers of leather substitutes. Our customers, partners, supliers firmly belives that our company is an expert of leatherette market that we have proven for more than 22 years of work on the market, being trustworthy, supportive and helpful to our manufacturers to come over of three recesion times during this long partnership. All our customers agree that our company offers the best possible much for the price and quality of PU and PVC leather.

   Please, feel free to contact us if you would like as a manufacturer or supplier to sell artificial leather on Russian market. We are open to consider and discuss our partnership and cooperation with regard to leatherette selling.


   All you require with regard to the cooperation
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Contact Mail: promiskozh@gmail.com
Contact Phone: +74955073535
Contact Phone: +74956440454